You approach us with your requirements and we prepare detailed budget for you. We fit in your financial limits and offer optimal service based on your budget. We present detailed expense report and all necessary documentation.

Production Crew

We offer professional local staff on every position. We are fully responsible on our staff's competency and credibility.


We arrange live castings. We have constantly updating digital archive of professional and nonprofessional artists.

Location Scouting

We prepare possible filming location from our photo archive, followed after a scouting tour together with you. We'll study location relevance to the script and the logistical arrangements.


Our company owns technical equipment, which leaves out possibility of artificial price rise as it usually takes place during liaising between the client and the equipment rental.


Delicious Georgian food or the specially created menu for the crew will turn your breaks into real pleasure. Delivering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks including full kitchen equipment at any hard-to-reach location is quite an easy challenge for us.