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George Ovashvili

Executive Producer

George Ovashvili is a graduate from the Georgian State Institute of Cinema and Theatre (1996) and the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios in Hollywood (2006).

Directing and producing a number of shorts George gained first international recognition yet at the beginning of his filmmaker’s career. Feature films brought him a further success. By now, Ovashvili has completed trilogy of feature-length films, dedicated to the recent history of Georgia, his home country. The brutal consequences of the civil war are depicted in all of three. "The Other Bank" (2009), "Corn Island" (2014) and "Khibula" (2017) have gathered about 100 international awards in total.

Crystal Globe at 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the shortlist for the Academy’s best foreign language film are the major achievements of George Ovashvili. Other honors include: Grand Prix at Fribourg IFF, Cine Pobre IFF, Film D’Amour de Mons IFF, Film Festival of New Film, International Mediterranean FF; Best Director at Golden Orange IFF, Romanian IFF, San Marino IFF and many more.

At present George writes a new script, thematically and conceptually different from his previous works. Details to be disclosed soon.

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Tamar Kalandadze

Project manager

Tamar Kalandadze was born in 1990 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2012 she took her Bachelor’s degree in Film studies from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film University.

Tamar was involved on number of different interesting projects. She worked as a presenter and facilitator for the educational regional project initiated by National Georgian Film Center – “Cinema in school”. She produced “Transmission” – a cultural experiment, 30 minutes weekly emission about art made by MILKY WAY for Georgian National Broadcaster. Project was awarded by CIRCOM for “The Most Original Emission” in 2016. Tamar also worked for different movie directors on long and short feature film productions. She was assisting and guiding foreign TV crews and journalists working in Georgia.

Since 2016, she is doing her Master in Movie directing at the Caucasus New School of Cinema. At the same time, she works as an art consultant at ERTI Gallery - contemporary art gallery regularly present at leading international art fairs.

Tamar speaks fluently English and Russian. She has strong notions of French.


Tinatin Jikidze

Marketing manager

Tinatin Jikidze was born and educated in Tbilisi. She graduated from Ilia State University faculty of Cultural Management. Her career began as an event manager in the marketing agency - BetterFly | DDB Georgia. 4-year-long work at the above-mentioned agency made her an experienced event organizer and trained her in marketing management.

Her next career promotion was a position of marketing project manager in ID Finance. Many different successful projects were implemented under her supervision during two years.

Nowadays she works as a digital marketing manager in IOTA HOTELS.

She is mostly interested in art and tourism fields. She speaks English, Russian and German languages.

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Ia Gavasheli


Ia Gavasheli was born and educated in Tbilisi, Georgia. She has a bachelor in Philology and a master in Media Management.

She never studied film, though a 3-year-long assistance job at the production company “Alamdary” opened the door to a new profession for her. Ia has worked as an assistant, producer and writer for some TV-shows and short documentaries and as a production manager for “Khibula”, a long feature drama by George Ovashvili. She was also involved in previous George Ovashvili movie, the award-winning “Corn Island” as the festival and distribution coordinator.

Currently she works as an executive producer for the long feature film by Soso Jachvliani - “Who Owns Ushba?”

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Badri Siprashvili

Head of technical department

With 30 years of experience in the film-industry, Badri Siprashvili is a distinguished member of our crew.

Starting with camera assistant jobs at a young age, he got involved in the film-projects made by renowned Georgian directors Rezo Chkheidze, Rezo Esadze, Nikoloz Sanishvili, Eldar Shengelaia and became a part of classic Georgian cinema. Rising through the ranks of the industry, he became a DOP and the technical producer for many award-wining feature films including “Stairs of Virtue” by Nikoloz Tsuladze, “27 Missing Kisses” by Nana Dzhordzadze, film trilogy by George Ovashvili, documentaries by Alexander Rekhviashvili, Toma Chagelishvili etc.

Badri Siperashvili held the position of deputy director at Film Studio – Georgian Film in 2012-2013.

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Igor Zolotarev

Sound engineer

Igor Zolotarev works as a sound engineer since 2006 and his filmography includes more than 20 titles.

He has provided complete sound post-production to the feature films “My enemy – My brother” by Levan Andzaparidze, “Man” by Gia Kacharava, documentaries by Alexander Rekhviashvili, soundtrack recording to the feature films directed by Otar Ioseliani and Otar Shamatava, ADR to “Khibula” by George Ovashvili etc. Igor has done a number of commercials and music videos as well, Katie Melua’s latest song clip among them. Except for our company, he is employed at Film Studio – Georgian Film. In 2013-2015 he worked as a sound engineer at the administration of President. Was responsible for the sound during live speeches of George Margvelashvili – 4th president of Georgia. .

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Salome Papavadze

Production assistant

Salome Papavadze was born in 1994, in Tbilisi, Georgia. She graduated from Tbilisi State University and got her bachelor’s degree in English Philology. In 2018 she entered Ilia State Univesity for her master in Film Theory and critics.

Salome worked as a volunteer for many TV Shows and movies, as well as a research assistant for Georgian films “Salt for Svanetia” and “Eliso”. She was also organizing different film-screenings countrywide.

Except for the film art, Salome is interested in architecture, design and photography. She often uses her free time to express herself through photography and tries to capture the unique beauty of old Tbilisi.

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Nana Gogoladze

Office manager

Nana Gogoladze is an experienced office manager with working background at film company Kino Technics. She is familiar with administrative tasks and has a big understanding of production documents necessary for shoots. She has worked on organizing, scheduling and document processing for several films and a big number of commercials and music videos.

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Maka Lomidze

Production Manager

TV-producer and documentary filmmaker Maka Lomidze was born and raised in Tbilisi. While being a high school student she got her 1st job at 1st Channel Georgia. She has worked at all major broadcast television networks of Georgia since then. She produced a various TV-shows over years. Currently, she is a general producer at Palitra News – famous Georgian TV channel. Reveals a great experience in commercial production as well. Documentary films directed and produced by Maka Lomidze: “Zari” - made in 2014 under the auspices of UNESCO; “First was the Singing” - awarded at international television and film festival – Golden Prague in 2011.

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Ketevan Uridia

Legal advisor

Ketevan Uridia is a graduate of Tbilisi State University, Law Faculty and Central European University, International Business Law program.

Her research topic for master’s degree focused on intellectual property rights and their intersection with unfair competition. Ketevan specializes in copyright law. She has worked at National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia. She is now providing seminars of copyright law at Tbilisi State University. Ketevan has an experience in film industry.

Specifically, she worked as a legal advisor on project of motion picture – “Khibula”.

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Tamuna Gogiberidze

Production Assistant

Born in 1992 in Tbilisi, Georgia Tamar Gogiberidze has a bachelor’s degree in Art Management.

During her studies at Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film University, she worked as a producer and an assistant director on number of student films with local and international crews. Later she took a position of script assistant for the TV-series made by ZIPPOTTELLA Production and was involved in producing the full-length movie “Be Careful with Wishes”.

Tamar also worked as a production manager on the photo-project of well-known Georgian photographer - Irma Sharikadze.

Her personal interests comprise everything related to art: cinema, theatre, music, painting... Tries, not to avoid the news, often travels and learns the culture of different countries.


Irakli Gedenidze

PHOTOGRAPHEr / location scout

Irakli Gedenidze was yet a child when he got his first photo camera as a gift from grandfather. Everyone thought the admiration, caused by this fact was temporal, but a little boy following girls at the beach and taking paparazzi photos turned into a professional photographer soon. At his young age, Irakli made his own lab. He learned to prepare the liquid adhesive and started developing tapes himself. His photos were really worth to see the daylight. When Irakli became a member of National Movement, he was depicting the most important moments of Georgia’s recent history, while fighting for the liberation of the country. Newspapers were happy to print his works. Then the digital age came and for years he worked in country’s top agencies and televisions. Being a personal photographer of the 3rd president of Georgia ended up badly. In 2011 he was arrested being accused of espionage. He was totally justified by the court later. Irakli runs his own photo studio. He has traveled all over Georgia with his camera and has made the wonderful portfolios of country’s different locations. Motion picture photography is one of his professional directions. Irakli worked as a still photographer for George Ovashvili’s “Khibula”.