Irakli Gedenidze

PHOTOGRAPHEr / location scout

Irakli Gedenidze was yet a child when he got his first photo camera as a gift from grandfather. Everyone thought the admiration, caused by this fact was temporal, but a little boy following girls at the beach and taking paparazzi photos turned into a professional photographer soon. At his young age, Irakli made his own lab. He learned to prepare the liquid adhesive and started developing tapes himself. His photos were really worth to see the daylight. When Irakli became a member of National Movement, he was depicting the most important moments of Georgia’s recent history, while fighting for the liberation of the country. Newspapers were happy to print his works. Then the digital age came and for years he worked in country’s top agencies and televisions. Being a personal photographer of the 3rd president of Georgia ended up badly. In 2011 he was arrested being accused of espionage. He was totally justified by the court later. Irakli runs his own photo studio. He has traveled all over Georgia with his camera and has made the wonderful portfolios of country’s different locations. Motion picture photography is one of his professional directions. Irakli worked as a still photographer for George Ovashvili’s “Khibula”.