Film in Georgia with an experienced group and minimal expenses!

“Wagonnet Films” is a film-company with services covering all stages of film-production and execution process of any other audio-visual project. We cooperate as with local, so with foreign companies and film crews.

Georgia is an European country with the ancient culture and traditions, diverse geography, classical and modern architecture, a century-long experience of film-production. All that, plus country’s liberal film-policy, recently initiated by the government, creates the best conditions for everyone willing to shoot in Georgia.


Reasons to come and film in Georgia:
-       Variety of landscapes
-       Experienced film crew
-       Affordable prices and cash rebate legislature


Filming experience accumulated during the years enables us to offer high quality service on every production stage. According to the client's interests, we can offer full production package as well as segment service management, such as :

Budgeting | Location Scouting | Casting | Equipment


Wagonnet Films works on films mainly - features, shorts and documentaries. We have our own production, we make co-productions and we have production service for customers. Except for films, we work on all sorts of audio-visual projects, such as commercials, music videos, TV-shows, etc. We also arrange Photo Shoots.


Read all about the activities of Wagonnet Films, don’t miss the updates about our main projects and production stages, find information about company’s participation at the film festivals or markets and many more…


Our team consists of experienced professionals who have gathered around famous director and producer – George Ovashvili. Our crew members worked in Georgian and foreign cinema industry for many years.