Our country has always stood out for its prosperous culture. Georgian classical literature takes roots from 5th century.

A number of interesting trends have been established in the local painting by synthesizing with western, eastern and national traditions.


Music - an integral part of our ancestors’ life - has been fine-tuning over the centuries.

School of photography starts its history in the country from the late 19th century.


All mentioned above has created an excellent ground for Georgian filmmaking, which nowadays takes a special place in the world cinematography.


First documentary film in our country was shot in 1912, first feature – in 1919. Thus, the formation of the motion picture started here in the beginning of 20th century, literally alongside the creation of world cinema. It did not stop developing since then. Our films achieved the worldwide success instantly. With time, Georgian cinema grew thematically and in terms of genre, which took it at the higher stage of development. Exceptional achievements of Georgian films at different times are: Berlinale Silver Bear, different category awards at the Cannes festival, shortlists and nominations for Oscar and Golden Globes, Grand Prix – Crystal Globe at Karlovy Vary FF, multiple prizes at different A list film festivals.