Dutch screenwriter Roelof Jan Minneboo working on new films in Georgia


Roelof Jan Minneboo, Dutch screenwriter has visited Georgia to co-work with the Georgian film director George Ovashvili. The screenwriter together with George Ovashvili have been working on the films “The Moon is My Father” and “Beautiful Elene”.

George Ovashvili is one of the founders of the Georgian film company “Wagonnet”. Earlier, they had worked on the Georgian films “Corn Island” (2014) and “Khibula” (2017).

“The Wagonnet Company is a new production studio with high development perspectives. I am glad to be working with the company for the two films. George Ovashvili and I are working on the films together,” said the Dutch screenwriter.

Roelof Jan Minneboo is a historian and he is particularly interested in Georgian culture. The screenwriter emphasized the richness of the Georgian culture. He is very impressed with Georgians great hospitality. Roelof Jan Minneboo is also enchanted by Georgian temperament.

The Dutch screenwriter visited PalitraNews, a TV company in Tbilisi, Georgia. He said that the company is a group of active, creative and ambitious people. He hopes the positive and dynamic atmosphere will contribute to the company’s further success.

George Ovashvili is working on his new film

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Director George Ovashvili is working on his fourth full-length feature film. The Moon is the Father of Mine is a psychological drama based on a true story and tells about a man who tries to find his place in life.

In addition to Georgia, France (Arizona Productions) and Hungary (Focus Fox) are participating in the film production. Later, 42Film, the German regional fund - MDM and the French-German television channel - ZDF/ARTE will join the co-production. It was due to a long and successful partnership with them, that the films - Corn Island and Khibula were created.

The budget of the film is up to 1 million euro, and the shooting is fully planned in Georgia. Writers: Roelof Jan Minneboo and George Ovashvili; Producers: George Ovashvili, Guillaume de Seile and Gábor Ferenczy.

The Moon is the Father of Mine, once again will make us think about our existence. The main character is trying to survive. 12-year-old Toma first meets his father after a long separation. They set off on a journey that will allow Toma and Nemo to learn a lot, not only about the relationship between father and son, but also about life and death.